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"Geeze!...What has happened?!" I hadn't realized it has been that long since I checked in. Wow! For ALL the messages, and comments I have missed, I am so sorry! I just do not have as much free time as I would like to keep up with things here so much.

Things are consistent for the most part 'round my studio. I remain quite busy. I still manage to squeeze in some Art along the way. I will dutifully post the "New Workings, and progress images" accordingly; It will take a while though. Making eyes is still a priority, as well as my sustenance.

I may never catch up with all these messages bloating up my inbox, so I will say this:  "Hello!" To all the new watchers.... "Thank you!" To all the favorites.... And, "I'll eventually get to answering any important questions asked of me, in due time." ...I hope. And if I do not, get to yours...I am sorry about that.

So... I shall "Get On"...  *winks*
  • Listening to: My mind reeling
  • Watching: The concepts in my mind come alive
  • Playing: with my ideas
  • Eating: My words
  • Drinking: in what lies ahead...
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June 30, 2016


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